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This is a design job I am currently working on.

I am attempting to show shingle siding in some of the gable ends.  I have changed the wall type on the upper front gable and garage gable, turned off auto attic walls but it is remaining siding to match the existing walls below.  I'm sure I have done it this way before but maybe not.  I will now turn Chief off and restart.

I thought I would ask here before sending to tech support in case it is something obvious.  Tech support takes a while (or more) to get back and I would really like to keep working on this exterior so I can get it off to clients.  I could use the material painter but that is a last ditch option that I shouldn't have to use.

Wall Definition2.JPG

Wall Definition.JPG

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Is this something I will have to do all the time in X10?  It was never required before.  If you changed the wall type and it had a different siding material, it changed. 

I have had this happen on a couple X10 jobs and thought it was because I brought them in from X9 (tech support thought this too) but this one was started in X10 with a brand new template.

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Thanks Michael.  I will give that a try in the morning.  Obviously, something I must have done wrong when setting up the template plan.  I'm surprised Tech Support didn't notice that.

Eric.  I never "paint" anything unless I am doing some interior work after the construction drawings are complete or I use a seperate, save as, plan.

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