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I am looking for guidance on how to add a screened porch/lanai. I have a railing on the bottom half but I need the entire space to be screened in. Can anyone please help with this? 



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I was able to do the one pictured in the attachment by creating a new wall type by modifying the 2x6 exterior wall type that came with CA.  I deleted all layers except for the framing, then created a new exterior layer 1/4" thick using one of the wire screens materials straight from the CA library. For the framing layer material, I copied the 2x6 stud wall @ 16" OC material from the Library (or from Plan Materials) and changed the stud spacing to 48" OC (or whatever spacing you might want).


After making the appropriate change for the full gable wall, I framed the walls, then opened the wall details. Then I edited each wall to get the exact number, placement, and orientation of the studs where I wanted them, and used the blocking tool to get the horizontals where I wanted them. You will probably have to play around with the screen material to get it the way you want it, Good Luck!


KURZ LAYOUT 4-2-18.pdf

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How you do a screen porch, in my experience is determined by how it is to be framed. Sometimes I use railing walls for the walls and poly-line solids for the screen and sometimes I use siding walls, with windows with their "Glass" set to screen. I try to first find out exactly how my builder intends to build the screen room walls and then act accordingly.



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      An enclosed porch can be a welcome reprieve from the blazing sun in the summer months, and provide a protected cove during cooler times.