OpenBelow room Still has Floor and Framing


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I'm Running Chief X8, MS Windows 10 on SurfacePro3. 


  • Building three stories over a basement. 
  • Trying to create the Elevator Shaft.
  • Elevator Shaft... 4 framed walls each floor to create a shaft for the elevator.  Walls are Aligned with walls below.
  • I have stair ways where Open Below rooms eliminate the Floor and Framing like they should.  I have an atrium on floor 2 overlooking to floor 1, created with a railing and room Open Below... this works too (no floor).  


But on each floor where I box in the Elevator Shaft with 4 walls, create the room, designate it as "Open Below" there is still framing and decking inside the Elevator Shaft.  I have "Rebuilt floors and Ceilings" and "Rebuilt Framing"  does nothing. 


  • I have turned on and off Auto Framing.
  • Deleted and Recreated walls
  • Created the Shaft bottom floor first... and top floor first.


One thing I have noticed is that this plan has created a Center Line running front to back in the plan and the front wall of the elevator shaft is sometimes split when I draw it.


Any Ideas on how to get rid of the floor inside the Elevator Shaft?





Existing bldg plan 7.plan

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Start a new plan -- just 4 walls with another 4 inside defining the elevator shaft.


Build your upper floors using the default settings.


Set the shaft rooms to Open Below and build framing.


Each floor should be using default settings and none of yours do.

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Thanks for the info.  I appreciate your help.   I don't fully understand why my floors need to all be the default height to make this work.  I'm detailing an existing building and the ceilings are not the same height.  Once I build them with the default settings, can I edit the floors to enter the correct dimensions?





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Your problem is that you changed your Room Divider default to No Room Definition.  Not sure why you did that as the whole point of the Room Divider is to define rooms.  At any rate, the connecting wall for your island room needs to have that setting unchecked and then you should be good to go.

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There is something wrong with the plan. Maybe it's in your settings, maybe it's something internal that a user cannot control. That's why I suggested starting a new plan and creating a simple structure -- as a test.


The program is designed to work best with correctly set defaults. Set the 1st floor defaults before drawing it, and set the defaults correctly as you add floors. Seeing the structure settings -- floor and ceiling heights etc all checked, or one or two unchecked when they should be checked, gives you an indication something has moved.


The program will by default Connect Island Rooms like your elevator shaft with an invisible wall to another wall. Your plan seems to have multiples. You can delete them and the program will recreate a new one.


See this image taken from your 2nd floor. I drew in the walls in yellow, but I'm not able to select the room they form, and the program seems to think they form a separate building -- note the Living Area label just below. I can select the elevator shaft room, but selecting the room surrounding it, the shaft is not excluded like the Open Below space just above.



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Now we're on to something!  Thank you both.   I changed the room divider default because every time I tried to create the front wall of the elevator shaft the program made it two (half length) walls and I could not place a door in it.  ...solved the door problem and created another.  I could not figure out why the room dividing line was there to begin with as I've not seen it (or noticed it ) before.   I don't mind seeing it, but it was jacking the placements in the plan.


I appreciate your help.





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47 minutes ago, gobuildone said:

I could not figure out why the room dividing line was there to begin with as I've not seen it (or noticed it ) before.   I don't mind seeing it, but it was jacking the placements in the plan.


You can draw in your own wall in a different location and delete the one Chief draws. I usually put them on a new layer and turn it off.

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