Cabinet hacks-clips, stiles, sides and interiors

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I wasn't sure if this should go into symbols or here. Since you would still have to make some symbols on your own, this is more of a guide than it is symbols.

The attached plan has cabinets with:

  • Extended stiles. The extension will NOT bump, only the cabinet will (I actually prefer that)
  • Side extended back -same thing about bump. 2 versions since they both have
  • Interior that does not match the exterior- done two ways.
  • Clipped Corner cabinet where the clips will not disappear when placed next to the correct size cabinet. There are tow with a note- both are blocked to prevent the clips from going away.
  • The "cabinet door" symbol used for each is included so you can open things, see what is going on and make your own for other situations/sizes. These are all on a layer "cabinets, Mod Doors" in case you don't see them.


Clip_extend stile_ extend side back.plan

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Hi Mark 

thanks for the cabinet options and all the work you put into chief talk ... question for you, how would you create a face frame on a full height cabinet with the sides matching the full cabinet height (no toe kick) and manage the crown to extend out and cover sides.  My thought for the crown would have to be a 3d molding polyline


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Side just use the drop down and match front, if you are going to have to alter anything like the swing, then change to custom face AFTER you match front.

I use molding lines (build, trim, molding line) -NOT 3D-for all cabinet moldings. I have a keyboard for it, also save molding stacks to a warehouse plan for future use. Note that you have to add the thickness of the floor finish to the height. To that end I change the default for kitchens and baths to match the default for the rest of the floor to keep the math simple (Besides  IRL it's more often higher?)

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