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I am having an issue creating this roof plane. I will attach a copy of the picture of the roof I am trying to recreate and a copy of my plan. Also, why do roof planes no share the same ridge, baseline, and facia even if the look level on my 3D view? I am having real problems with roof planes. I am missing the plane coming off of the gable and connecting to the plane attaching 90 degrees to cover the deck. I have tried to auto create the roof over the deck and that does not give me a suitable design. Tips on how to create that gable would be appreciated also. I was able to create I just think I used a convoluted process. Any help and tips would be appreciated. Also attached is a 3D view of what I have completed.

Floor Plan.plan

Front Door View.jpg

3D view.dwg

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Best to put Questions in the q&A as Eric said , so more people will find it.  you can add pics easily with the Windows Snipping Tool,

see my signature for how to do that below in green .


Also, it's good to have your Forum Signature filled in please, especially with the Software Version,
and of course a Name is nice too :) ..............see mine below in Blue for how to do that.
If you don't see my Signature then you have them turned off for the Forum (Toggle it on above
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    • By fletcher
      I'm having issues with my walls not returning over a lower roof plane on a raised section of my home. When I try to extend the walls it shows up on my floorplan inside with brick which is not accurate.
      Does anyone know how to fix this?

    • By davebrett
      I am very new to Home Design Suite Pro and could use some help. I have looked for video's but all don't quite get me there. 
      I am trying to build a free standing peaked roof pergola.  
      I would like it 10' x 10 ' square with 8" posts and a 12" support post under the peak of the roof (so not very sloped).  I have attached a picture of what I am trying to make. 
      I have tried making railings, walls and slabs, but I keep missing something.  
      Help please

    • By LongTermDev
      I'm having an issue where the framing members for a flat roof (1/4" slope) over a porch are not displaying correctly in the cross section. My default setting for rafter size and the specification in the roof plane dialogue for that roof plane are set to 5 1/2", but it always draws the cross section as a 2x4. If I select any of the framing members individually and open the dialogue box, it says it's 5 1/2". The trusses and framing for the rest of the house all come in correctly. Any quick thoughts come to mind?
      also, Is it better to upload a screen shot showing the problem or the whole file on here?
    • By JLU_Design
      I'm having an issue with how the roof layers populate in Chief Architect.
      I want the roof "surface layers" to all be above the "fascia top height".
      Right now it always starts the roof "Surface Layers" 7/16" below the "Roof Plane Line".
      When building we align the outside corner of the face-board with the top plane of the "roof structure", Trusses or Rafters which should be the roof plane line.
      The OSB, Underlayment, and Shingles rest on top & outside of the face-board / "fascia top height" that is aligned with the top of the roof structure.
      Chief Architect consistently lowers the roof structure 7/16" (in plane with the roof surface) from the "Fascia Top Height" no mater the pitch.
      In order to get things to work I have to add a 7/16" layer to the "Roof Surface" and Subtract 7/16" from the "Roof Structure" (e.g. rafters) in order for the cross section to show the layers correctly.
      This works for any pitch meaning that the roof is dropped 7/16" (in plane) with the roof surface.
      The reason this is important is because I need to show Fascia Top Height in Elevation Dimensions and if I have to shrink the framing members, they are not modeled / sized correctly.
      I'd like to know if there's any way to adjust this default "Fulcrum" without the hackey way I'm doing it.
      I want to be able to specify the fascia top height and have roof planes properly populate from that point.
      It's important to note that in this image both "Fascia Top Heights" are the same with the only difference between the two being the one on the left is a 7/12 and the one on the right is a 4/12.
      Where the green lines intersect represents the "Fulcrum" that the roof revolves around at the outside of the face-board by default and the red line shows the default top of the "Roof Structure".
      I have to add a 7/16" layer between these planes in-order to get the OSB to be above the green roof plane line & top of face-board.
      The roof "Structure" is always 7/16" in plane below the "Fascia Top Height" / "where the green lines intersect" by default from what I've been able to figure out.

      I'd like to know if I am missing some setting that could change the "Fulcrum" point in relation to the roof layers.
      I've spent allot of time figuring this out but have not found a setting to fix this yet.
    • By SNestor
      Made a video to describe what I'm wondering...
      I hope the behavior of building the roof using "auto rebuild" is normal Chief behavior - because I have to admit I've never noticed this before today.
      Roof Anomaly in Chief - X12 & X13 - Watch Video