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Is there a resource/tutorial/ how do I... design home from scratch.


I've always used chief for things like basement floor plans and remodels, now I'm into trying to design a home from scratch... I'm unsure the proper steps to follow, and wondering what steps to design.


do I begin with basement, then beams, then joists, then build a 1st floor etc, or do I build the 1st floor and worry about structure later... or is structure built from floor plan design...    


Any tips, pointers, tutorials that cover the proper process would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks for all the help!!



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I have seen no lack of tutorials, just no what steps to follow.  I can find one on beams and joists, one on building a floor, but none that show what steps in what order to build if that makes sense.  is there one in specific you suggest.


I could be overthinking this... I do this.

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