Need Help Finishing Plan in GA

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I have designed a house that I would like to build in Buford, GA (own the lot already). The version (Home Designer Suite 2018) of CA that I bought does not have everything I need. 

I have completed the floor plan, electric plan, and started a foundation plan (attached here). I need the following completed and would like a quote for this work:

  • A second gable added to the right side of house. I have attached a pic of what I can't seem to figure out.
  • A retaining wall that extends out of the back side of the house below the Master Bath.
  • Foundation Plan
  • Cross Sections
  • Footing Details
  • Roof Detail (plan on using trusses and truss co. may provide?)
  • Floor Framing Plan
  • If I am missing anything, add it to the list.
  • Also, If you have some cool ideas on the design I am all ears. I can't figure out (or my version doesn't allow) how to spiff up the columns in the front and add terrain.

Electric 2-17-18.jpg

Floor Plan 2-17-18.jpg

Front View2.JPG

Back View.JPG

Gable Detail.JPG

Foundation 2-18-18.jpg


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added file in CA format-hopefully

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Did you post the Wrong Plan ? cos it doesn't have a Roof at all when I do a Full Overview.... nothing above the brick in the Plan posted, unlike your pics above.


Also, it's good to have your Forum Signature filled in please, especially with the Software Version,
and of course a Name is nice too :) ..............see mine below in Blue for how to do that.
If you don't see my Signature then you have them turned off for the Forum or are perhaps on the CA Mobile WebSite.

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If I can be of service, give me a call I have CA x8, x9, & x10.  I can turn the switch on that allow you to see the plan in Home Designer Pro.  Yes, Home Designer Pro is limited to one page layout sheet.  If you are still looking for assistance - give me a call. 


Dan  Sullins, Dream Home Designs Inc.  (276)783-8333


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