X10 Bug? or my bug

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Could anyone confirm this please?  Thanks


1.) Copy "Bare Bulb" and paste into your User Library.  It's located in Chief Architect Core Catalogs/Architectural/Lighting/Ceiling Mounted/Flush Mount/Bare Bulb.


2.) While in the User Library, right click on Bare Bulb and open it's "Component" dbx.  After it opens, then close the dbx by selecting "OK", no changes necessary.  Make sure to select "OK".


3.)  Are there any changes?  Mine looks like the picture below.  If you place in plan, then open it's Object Specification dbx, it will say no 3D present.  I think I know how to correct it, but I don't think it should work this way.  Then again, it may only be happening to me.




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Works as you say for me.


Tested the Globe symbol with the same result.


Please report to Chief.

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