Toolbars and drop down menu issues

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I upgraded to X9 from X8 and I am having problems with my toolbars.  When I take a full camera view I lose the very top toolbar ... file, edit, build, etc... and I have to place the cursor below the toolbar button I want to use.  Also, if I click on an object in plan view, the menu that opens does not fit my screen.  It looks like it is too long to fit.  I do not have any of these problems with X8.  I also did not change anything on my computer.  Any idea what changed in X9 and how I could fix the issue?


toolbar issue.jpg

menu issue.jpg

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Please fill in your Forum Signature  , see mine below for we know what version of Windows etc you are using ...Win10?


It looks like it maybe a Windows Scaling Issue perhaps?  X9 has a new setting in Preferences > Appearances>toolbars>button size  which allows resizing of the Icons...


there is also the checkbox to allow scaling or not






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