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I set my eave overhang in Build Roof, to 600mm.  But for some parts of the roof, i want a reduced overhang (like over the porch).  I can reduce the overhang on a gable wall by setting the ovrhang property in the wall specification for the roof.  But for the non gable wall, that setting does nothing and Chief always just uses the global value.  Is this correct, or am i doing something wrong?


Its a simple roof and there are only a few places where i need a non-standard roof overhang, but the only way i have found to do it is to manually change the roof planes.

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you' re not necessarily you doing anything wrong perse, but it can depend on other settings for example the one's Eric has high-lighted above.


in the case of Porches it is sometimes better to use the Deck Room designation and do the Porch roof plane manually.....


if that isn't possible? you have not done your SIG so I don't know your version , see mine for how)  then try the advice/ideas in this post by Jo_Ann.....°/?do=findComment&comment=20451



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