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I have a design with a concrete slab foundation, and i have the stem wall set to 200mm, but on my porch Chief is forcing the Stem Wall to be 250mm, and it wont let me click the "default" check box (it immediately clears) and if i set any value other than 250mm, it reverts to 250mm when i close the dialog.  Any idea what causes this?

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Add the plan File to your post above so someone can look for you. Make sure the plan is closed in Chief before you try , as Chief Locks the File while in use.


Also being you 1st post it is best to fill in your Forum signature with your Version etc as different versions have different remedies.... see my Sig for how to do that.....


If you are using a CA "Home" Product  the best place to post is on Home Talk not Chief Talk can use the same Username and PW over there too.






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