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Hey Chief People,


While I may be new to the forum pages I'm not a new Chief user. I've started using the Premier program in high school in 2008 when x3 came out.


However what brings me here today is, I am looking to make a "reading nook" with a bench and shelving in a master bedroom.

I am not entirely sure how to create this. I was going to go about it with a wall and a passthrough and then just create a halfwall or soffit the height I wanted the bench inside the "nook" to be.

I am sure there is an easier way to go about this is there any suggestions as to how to create this "reading nook" in a simpler way.


Images attached below are what I am going after 


Thanks in advance,




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Don't make it more complicated than what it is.


Think of it as a small room.


Your examples are quite different, so can't give specifics. 



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I agree with Eric, keep it simple. Room with cabinet(s) with cushion on top. Variables like whether roof will extend down or be same height, floor cantilever, etc. are easy to accommodate.

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@justmejerry @solver


I took this into consideration and I simplified the design to a room with an open doorway. I then placed custom full-height cabinets on either side and 24" custom base cabinets with a door front and then placed a cushion. Inside the room I placed a small fixed frame window to allow for natural light and when I create the roof planes I will add a skylight above as well.

Thanks again for the quick replies,


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