Question - Drawing Addition at 5 degrees Different from Existing House

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I have a client with an existing house that was built at a 5 degree angle from the building setback lines, he wants an addition built that is parallel to the property lines, it is a narrow lakeside lot and there isn't much room to work.  So I have drawn in the existing structure, now I am ready to start drawing the addition.


Is there a way to do an all layers displayed and then "select all" and rotate (I have 3 levels) so that I can draw the addition using 0 and 90 degrees on the X and Y axis?  In the old days of AutoCAD, I could do a Z axis global rotate, is that something that can be done in Chief?


I would prefer to rotate everything that I currently have drawn and then be able to draw the addition using 0 and 90 degrees, rather than setting my automatic angles at 5 degrees and trying to get everything to draw in at that 5 degree difference.


Do you know of any simple solutions to this or any workarounds that can streamline this process?

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Edit>Edit Area (All Floors)


Draw a polyline around the entire plan and rotate it to the appropriate angle.




Tools>Rotate Plan View


This will actually only rotate the drawing board so to speak (your axes will rotate as well).  You can add some additional snap angles though so that it will look and feel like you are working perpendicular and parallel to your axes.  This method is good when going back and forth between off angle wings like this.

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