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The company I work for builds a lot of post-framed buildings.  These buildings typically have a 4" or 6" concrete slab sub-floor.  If a project has a second-story, it is almost always wood I-joists with a 3/4" O.S.B. sub-floor.  That is if the second story is not a "Room-In-The-Attic".  This is how I have set up my template file to accomplish what I need it to do.


Step 1. - Floor/Ceiling Platform Defaults


If I was to set up my "Floor Structure" under the "Floor/Ceiling Platform Defaults" with a concrete sub-floor, I would get a concrete sub-floor everytime I added a second story.  I want Chief to default to wood I-joists with a 3/4" O.S.B. sub-floor.  This is why I set up my "Floor Structure" under the "Floor/Ceiling Platform Defaults" with wood I-joists and a 3/4" O.S.B. sub-floor.  Now if I add a second-story, it will default to wood I-joists with a 3/4" O.S.B. sub-floor.




Step 2. - Floor 1 Defaults "Current Floor Defaults" for Floor 1


Since I want a 4" concrete sub-floor for my first floor only, I set that up under the "Current Floor Defaults" for Floor 1.  I can have my "Floor Structure" for "Current Floor Defaults" for Floor 1 override my "Floor Structure" under the "Floor/Ceiling Platform Defaults".  That is if I make sure the check mark box for "Floor Structure" under the "Current Floor Defaults" for Floor 1 is unchecked.  That means it is going to deviate from the "Floor Structure" under the "Floor/Ceiling Platform Defaults".






My "Floor Structure" for all rooms on the first floor will only match the "Floor Structure" under the "Current Floor Defaults" for Floor 1, if all room types are set to use the defaults.




Step 3. - Save the Template.


I have saved my file as a template so I can reuse this floor platform set-up.   I did not bother adding a second story or level in my template file.  I can always add a second story later on when I start a new plan file based on my saved template.


Step 4. -  Add New Floor / Floor 2 Defaults "Current Floor Defaults" for Floor 2


If I need a second story I add clicking on the appropriate icon.  This will take me into my "Current Floor Defaults" for Floor 2.   Since I have already set my "Floor Structure" under the "Floor/Ceiling Platform Defaults" with wood I-joists and a 3/4" O.S.B. sub-floor in my template file, I just make sure the check mark boxes are check marked to use the defaults.


5a114d9c8ed9f_CA-Floor04.thumb.jpg.7b555d74f4473f6094b8a57bc8a42648.jpg     5a11502fc5bf6_CA-Floor05.thumb.jpg.66201af3fee9050a6354e9bd109bf873.jpg


With floor and ceiling platforms, you have a hierarchy of settings and you must pay attention to what is check-marked to use the defaults.   You can specify floor and ceiling platform information in about four locations...


1. "Floor/Ceiling Platform Defaults"

2. "Current Floor Defaults"

     Please Note : Each floor of your plan file has "Current Floor Defaults".

3. "Room Type Defaults"

     Please Note : If a room type definition is not check-marked to use the defaults, it will override the "Current Floor Defaults" and "Floor/Ceiling Platform Defaults"

4. "Currently Selected Room"

     Please Note : When changing platform settings for let's say a room that has a room type of "Bath", clicking on the room labeled "Bath" with only change platform settings for that one instance of the room with a room type of "Bath".  To change platform settings for all rooms on all floors selected to have a room type of "Bath", we have to go into the "Room Type Defaults" and change the platform settings for "Bath" there.

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too many default places, Chief please narrow it down to one place. I may have missed it ,but there are also places in the framing DBX. just too many default places.

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