How to's of getting the front of this house to resemble the photo

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That's a rather broad question.


Anything specific you need help with?

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I need help creating the front cascade in the front of these windows connecting to the columns and the exterior walls

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What's a cascade? A higher res photo would help.

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This might get you part way there:

Create walls and make them attic, no locate, no room def:



...then add an opening:



...shoot an elevation and adjust the opening as needed:



...check it in ortho:



I think you could use this technique to get you pretty close to what you want.

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What Robert said. 


I'd keep the room definition on the walls for the entry. Pony walls with the lower part invisible.


I've used a molding polyline for the ceiling and casing.


Plan -- X9


DCB123 A.plan

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