Can I Modify Scale of Imported PNG?

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I am brand new to CA, am using CA Pro 2015, which was bought a few months ago.

I made a PNG file of my hard copy set of plans (floor plan only)  and now I'd like to import the picture file, tracing it to start drawing my first new plan using CA.

I have read this about tracing. When I do the import, the scale is horrendously mismatched to the CA plan.

Then I read this about modifying scale of imported picture, which sounds like what I need to do. (Except I'm using a PNG file.). However, I notice that this "Modifying the scale" doc is only pertinent to Premier and Interiors. 

Since I have Pro, am I trying to do the impossible? Can my Professional version use my PNG file to jumpstart my very first CA house plan? If so, where are the high-level videos or doc that I need to get me started?


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Thanks, Solver & Chopsaw.   I will use the HomeTalk forum. Didn't realize that CA and HomeDesigner were so segregated.


FYI . . . HD Pro 2015 has a RESIZE button which does the same thing as the transform and replicate but is a bit easier: just plug in known dimensions from my hardcopy plan for both axis.


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