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cad blocks show center point

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Need help quick.

Worked with Engineer for few months on the project and submitted the plans for review. 

We got plans back with minor revision. Everything was fine before, but now when I open the cad blocks that I designed, all my holes, nails or bolts show center points or corner points, painting entire area with blue lines. What went wrong and hoe can I reverse the setting?

Need respond quick- need to resubmit next week ans still need to get engineer to sign off.

Please help5972aac96dd1c_DeckDetail.thumb.jpg.0b52d51889091f3ef730bedb50430c28.jpg

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It would appear as you have Arc Centers and Ends 5972ae690e4be_ArcCentersandEndstool.JPG.87c9e19f026cdfe86e68ffbe339c51e2.JPG turned on.  Turn that off and you should be fine.

You will typically find that over on the right side in the Toggle Modes toolbar.

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Wow. Thank you. It works.

Didn't even notice this. Spent a lot of time designing 20 cad blocks form engineers scratch pad and I didn't want to redo it.

Got the other day plan from landscape architect that was needing to adjust angle and was toggling between snaps and didn't even notice that I turn arc centers and ens on.

you saved may day.

Thank you

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