Architectural Survey/Drafting needed in Philly

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I'm looking for a someone to do a field survey of an existing 3 story residential property (center city Philadelphia).  I'm guessing I could have it sent to me as a dfx file, but would rather they created the layout in Home Designer (Suite) to save me some of the work.  Anyone know anyone in Philadelphia that offers this service?


Thanks, Brendan

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Any land surveyor should be able to do the (Field)  Survey for you and it is more than likely it would come in DFX format (and PDF) , however HDS can not import DFX files AFAIK unless that has changed recently?  AFAIK only HD Pro of the DIY line can import .DFX files 


You can rent Pro now (2018 version)  for $49 a month if you need it.


Might be best to call CS tomorrow and ask a few questions, phone numbers are here

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I am interested in seeing how we might be able to work together over the internet

and with me making a visit to Philly to do the measuring and initial drawings for the asbuilt set of plans.

I reside here in SW Florida, my business name is Accurate As-builts & Design, I would like to speak to you

if you will please contact me directly?


I have a lot of engineering technician experience and background, references, resume all included.

Have worked on Chief Architect now for about 4-5 years and use CA X9 Pro, which BTW saves down to Home Designer 


My contact info is as follows.


Douglas Burgmann

Accurate As-builts & Design

(970)987-4476 cell



DCB Designs_Resume-(12-12-16) - FL.docx

City Reference Letter Burgmann.pdf

NABCEP PV Solar Certification0001.pdf

Pattillo Recomendation Letter0001.pdf

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