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Seeking ideas for exterior finishes

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Hello chiefers
I am working on my own project but would like some advice.
I am going to cross post this also to the Chatroom.
I am willing to pay you for your ideas.


I am looking for exterior design services. I want to make the outside look nice, but I also have some things in mind.

This is an addition onto a 26x38 that is on a "camel's hump" of a hill. We have a great 270deg view. The terrain in the model is relatively accurate.
The addition is over part of an existing 12' deck and also wraps around the back.

The top of the addition will be a roof deck giving us way more outdoor living space.

The addition has a 4' overhang on the downslope side as well as a 4' overhang on the wrap around. 

There is an existing shed not shown in the plans that butts up to the wrap around and rear of house.

The joists on the addition are 12" and since they form the overhang, my fascia is big (not shown in the pics correctly). Advantech on the Ijoists and soffit brings me to at least a 14" fascia on the addition. The insulation will be spray foam between the joists. I would like to put 2" foam on top of the existing which would give me some options to match the fascias.

((Also not shown in the pics is the stairs which will turn left from the existing steps into a landing with winders turning right up to the roof deck.))

((And also not shown are windows on the addition. The wall is currently built and framed with a continuous beam so many configurations are possible.))

((The blue lines in one of the pics is an existing hot tub deck.))



I like clean, modernist lines, but I make Mountain Laurel Handrail so I feel obligated to have them all around the roof deck.

I have been considering the HardieBoard 4x8 sheets in the preprimed colors. The existing roof has been torn off and will go back with metal. So this limits me to certain colors. 

So I'm looking for design ideas for the exterior.












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If you were my client, I would ask you quite squarely, what is it that you and your family like in terms of Architectural style. I would ask you for photos of houses and or house features that you would especially like to incorporate into your design. That is what an Architect does or at least the really good ones. I would want to ideally visit your property with you and as thoroughly as possible find out what this home needs to be to make you and your family comfortable, happy and to serve your needs. Once that data is acquired then it is a matter of fitting that into a budget that you and your family can afford. It is a dynamic, creative process that accommodates Life and the physical area where the house is to come into being. 



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