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Where is the 'Create Architectural Blocks' button located? I can't find it and the Chief Architect Topics doesn't say where it is. I use Home Designer Architectural 2017.



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    • By mddesign
      I have been designing and drafting Residential and Commercial buildings for 20 years. I am available to do drafting for any size project. 
      I am fully versed in AutoCAD (started with AutoCAD 9 - NOT a windows program) and am fairly new to Chief.  I started using Home Designer Pro 2017, 2018 and then found the program was quite a bit different from AutoCAD.  Upon review of the Chief Archiect Premier X8, I decided to switch to the more powerful program.  I have used X8, X9 and now X10.  Would love to have the opportunity to design more houses or buildings using this program.
      I have drafted well over 100 residential homes.  I also have drafted Commercial buildings.   
      I live in British Columbia, and have designed houses for municipalities in BC as well as Alberta and New Brunswick.  I am fairly knowledgeable on the BC Building code and its requirements when it comes to residential houses in BC.  Municipalities I have worked with include: Calgary, Whistler, Vancouver, Williams Lake, Dawson Creek, Fort St. John, Lake Country, Penticton, Oliver, Osoyoos, Vernon and Moncton NB.
      I am currently using Chief Architect Premier X10 as well as AutoCAD Architecture 2014.  
      md design
      Email: mddesign.dan@gmail.com
      Website: https://dtmiddleton.wixsite.com/mddesign
    • By Designer100
      The attached pergolia remodeling I am trying to copy and paste stone column, with cap and 8" wood posts to another plan of same buliding of site plan. I even blocked the column and it only pastes the stone base , not the cap nor the 8 in posts. I would also like to
      past the pergolia framing etc. to the new plan. but mainly the full columns now. any suggestions. 
      site plan.zip

    • By Ridge_Runner
      Is there a way to move all of the CAD items on an existing layer to another layer for the entire plan? I am cleaning up some of my layers to simply the list. Over the years my layers have grown and I have some CAD blocks with lines on an old layer that I would like to move to a newer layer and then delete the old layer. For instance: I would like to move all of the CAD on an old layer named "CAD line size 25" over to a newer layer named "CAD 25." If it could be done then I could delete the old layers I no longer use. I have tried but have not been successful without exploding a block first; that would be a nightmare for all of the CAD blocks I have accumulated. But maybe I am missing something or it is so simple I am overthinking it. It would also be helpful if there was a way to determine which blocks use a certain layer. If so then only those blocks would have to be redone. Thanks in advance.
    • By SNestor
      I'm attempting to make my own shelf and rod symbol.  The symbol is easy enough...but, the CAD block is another story.  I want line that represents the pole to be a dashed line...representing that it is underneath the shelf.  I've tried just about every thing I can thing of...and no matter what I do the line in the CAD block is always solid.  
      When I made the symbol I called it a "Fixture"...is this the problem?  When I place the symbol into a plan...does the new plan assign the layer to the symbol...like a CAD block?  Or does it retain the layers it was created with?
      Attached are some pics...  
      this is what I'm trying to achieve...
    • By EmmaCox
      I am trying to import sketchup furniture from Teknion. They have a "resources" page where you can download Sketchup models. Once you download the Sketchup model, you can import it into Chief. The first one I tried worked, but now I am getting the attached pop up. Also, is there any way the blocks can be exploded? They seem to be furniture layouts and not single furniture components.
      Thanks in advanced.