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I do both residential and commercial design and I am starting to use CA for Tenant spaces.  So I have 2 areas I need advise on.


Creating the roof:  Is it best to build a roof system without a ceiling?  My goal would be to draw ceiling plans in at the various heights required.  The plans I have done where the ceiling heights vary look terrible with the different wall heights in a "floor overview"


Ceilings:  I have tried ceiling planes and the ceiling height via macro reverts back to the ceiling height in the structure.  I have also tried using a 1" polyline solid  but there is no way to add the height with a macro.  Ideally I would like to make a solid, set it to correct height, assign a material and then have a label to show height (in feet and inches) and the material.  This is for the RCP.  Drawing the grid in 2D or hatching for drywall works fine for me.


Any ideas??

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Does using the cross section slider help you at all for your floor overviews?  It keeps your "slice" all in one plane in the event you have rooms with different wall/ceiling heights.


I use the roof for flat ceilings or cathedral ceilings; for vaulted ceilings you need to uncheck ceilings in the dbx and put in your own ceiling planes.  For 2-story structures the main level ceiling is created by the 2nd story floor platform.


Not sure exactly why/how you are doing ceilings with macros or PL solids.  I am not much of a macro user so admittedly, if there's a way to do ceilings with a macro, I am lost as to how.  Why not just use Chief's standard tools for your ceilings?

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