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I searched the web for a good tool to keep track of my jobs. I have been using a magnetic board with strip magnets and Brother labels, (see attachments).

This system works well but is time consuming and available only in my office. I wanted something that ate up less time and was available to wherever I was. I began a search on-line and finally came across a tool that was almost identical to what I had designed and implemented with the board. This on-line tool is offered by Shore Labs. The tool is called Kanban Tool. It mimics the Kanban Method. 

I am currently using the free version of the tool but will soon switch to the paid version. I now have quick, easy updating of my work and work processes that is available to me at my desk, wherever my desk happens to be. 

From their web site...

Kanban Tool is a visual process management solution that helps teams to work more efficiently, visualize workflow, analyze and improve business processes in line with Kanban method.

Visit them at




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Ummm.... a spreadsheet saved to the cloud? 

That's what I've been using for the past two years. I see it on all of my devices. 

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Not a spreadsheet. To understand you need to read and study the Kanban Method for project control. 

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I'm sorry I don't see the difference with a spreadsheet. I did read up on Kanban as it applies to manufacturing process to regulate quality control and the flow of products through a manufacturing chain but as far as it applies to job tracking as in what we do a spreadsheet seems to be the right type of fly swater. 

I'm sure I'm missing something though. 


As a builder my process continues quite a bit farther than yours which seems to end when the plan is complete and you've billed your client. 


I have to keep track of when I've submitted the plan to the surveyor, submitted to the city, received the permit, sub,

mitted to the guarantee and bond company, inspection service, not to mention the actual building and subtrade tacking. 


I do this all with a spreadsheet in the form of an excel project planner template. 

There are also milestone planner templates if you prefer. 


Although I will say I'm a spreadsheet geek, so there's that too. 



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