Anybody need work out there? 3rd party services needed

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I have some existing 2D architectural plans for a 6,000 s.f., Georgian Revival home built in 1925 and very little time at the moment to build a 3d model of these old plans in Chief Architect.  I'm a GC, new to Chief Architect, over-extended,  and building this model at the moment (for me) would be extremely time consuming.  The owners just closed on the home and naturally want to get to work as soon as possible; unfortunately, it will take at least a month to clear my plate.  Would anybody out there be willing to offer a 3rd-party service translating older 2d plans into a Chief Architect version? I'm thinking I could have the old plans scanned and potentially converted to dxf if that makes it easier.   


Alternatively/additionally, if there are any Chief Architect users in the Washington, DC area that could provide private instruction to help me get over a few learning curves it would be appreciated.  Every home I work on around here is about 100 years old and unique in many ways that require creative/alternative approaches to modeling in Chief.  This particular home is VERY unique and special and is bound to give me fits.


Any advice would be appreciated!  Thank you  -Matt in DC


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Shoot me PM here and leave your email and we will take it from there.



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