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I am using Chief x8.  When using the 'Export Picture' function, there is an 'Export Picture' dialog box, which allows the user to specify 'Image Size' & 'Image Properties' settings.  Is there a way to specify default settings for these attributes, so that I don't have to specify them each time I export a picture?

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No, the image size is based on the screen capture size. IOW  if you have library and layer browser open your image size will be smaller in comparison if you had these browsers closed.

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    • By emaniesanabria
      I'm hoping that someone can help me out here. I frequently use the same materials and I was wondering if there is any way to change the default textures/ colors so that every new project starts off the same. For example: on exterior walls CA defaults to blue lap siding; bathrooms and kitchen default to a cream tile; walls, windows, and doors default to Brite paint; etc.
      I'd like to change these so that I can save myself time. Can someone explain how to do that, please? 
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      Hey all,
      Is there a way to control what Chief names each material as it's importing a model as a collada (.dae) file?
      At my company, we use Chief to build the base model and then export as a collada file to import into Lumion to render. Lumion's latest version has the ability to automatically replace materials with "glass" or "water" in the name with those kinds of materials when importing, but for some reason Chief will randomly assign names to materials during the collada export process like "mat127-material," regardless of what they are named in the material settings. Other export processes will keep the material names, but those have their own problems in Lumion. The 3DS format, for example, is the best alternative, but it changes the scale of the model. 
      I can't seem to find anywhere in the preferences to mess with export settings, though. It's nothing that totally breaks our workflow, as it only takes a couple seconds to replace the material, but it would be a nice little quality-of-life feature we could take advantage of if we could get Chief to cooperate. 
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      How can I get a high resolution bitmap image of a plan? Preferably PNG? 
      I have tried clicking the little arrow at the top and selecting Save Image, but this produces what looks to be a very low quality screenshot, which is useless for my purposes as it does not even include the whole plan, or if I reduce the plan size to fit then labels are illegible.
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      Is there an option to export an individual folder as opposed exporting the whole entire user library?