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Hey all, I'm using CA Home Designer Suite.  This should be an easy question to answer but I can't seem to find an answer anywhere.  I'm looking for a way to edit groups of similar objects.  For instance, if I create a large home design with 40 different exterior walls, and late decide to change my siding on the front half of the house, surely there is a way to select all the walls I want to edit and change them all at the same time?  Am I missing something?  Thanks!

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    • By Ange822
      I am drawing someone's existing furniture to put into their new home design.
      I would like to modify the "Home Gym Weights" Object to remove part of it - is this possible?
      I am using Chief X9
      Please let me now if anyone has any recommendations / solutions to this issue.

    • By Sedona

      I have been struggling with this for sometime.  I need to rotate the lot (including the dashed setback line) 10 degrees counter clockwise.  I can not find the correct grouping to accomplish it, this maybe related to how close the house sits next the the setback.   I start with rotating everything 10 degrees and the try to rotate just the house back to 90. Instead it also moves the setback with the house instead of keeping it 30’ from the property lines.

      I have attached the file if anyone would be so kind as to give it a try or steps I should be taking.
      Thank you,


    • By Doug_N
      Lets say some really careless designer (ummm me... blush)  makes a mistake in an edit table.  How can it be edited? 
    • By dherbert52
      ANy UG's in Portland OR?
    • By Investmentbiz
      I may be making things to difficult on myself but I need some help! I have an early 1900's 4-plex (2 story, pier & beam) that I own and I am trying to do an as built drawing. The poor old house has had an addition in just about every decade and as you can imagine not all of them were done by skilled craftsmen. Initially i measured and drew the perimeter of the house (where I discovered that it was about 4-6" out of square) but with so many jogs in & out and out of square I decided to measure each unit individually when I did the interior walls. I used CA's RoomPlanner & Bosch Bluetooth measuring device (which all I love...for the most part) over several days to measure the units.
      I then sit down at the desktop & imported in each unit but I put them all "on the same page" so to speak (in one file) with the hope of fitting all these puzzle pieces together to form the one big "house" that it is.
      However, the problem comes in when I select one of the units (walls, stairs, appliances, fixtures, etc.) and drag it over to my original perimeter drawing it joins the walls up, stretches a wall here & there and countless other little tweaks to the point that I do not know what has been changed! I would like to be able to make the equivalent of a space planning block that locks everything together as a group until I am sure I have bumped everything together correctly and that all the "puzzle pieces" are correctly situated next to and above & below each other before I "release" each block to merge in to one big drawing. Again, there may be a simple answer but because I do not use the program every day or sometimes I may go months without drawing, I have to almost relearn the program when I start a new project! LOL
      Thanks in advance for any help from you Pro's!