How to frame window into end wall truss?


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My friend wants a high window above their double entry doors in wall that has end wall trusses above.


The truss manufacturer doesn't know how to achieve this.

I put in a window which shows in the elevation, but does not cause the truss to rebuild. The rest of the trusses in the building apart from the end walls have sloped bottom chords.

(You can see this in the attached pdf.)


How do I get chief to frame this in order to get a window in the end wall?




Thank You




dudley24x40 shell V2-Perspective Framing Overview Image.pdf

South Elevation Image.pdf

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Wow and thank you!


The truss manufacturer had an end wall truss designated, and I put it in and then took it out. Now that I see how you did it, I can use your method and show them what we need using and end wall truss like your upper drawing.


Parkwest was concerned about the builder, so I'll fill you both in. My friend is trying to be very frugal, so he found a company who builds shell buildings using trusses only. My friend is trying to get some customization done within their construction parameters so he is dealing with the truss company and the builder. I'm not sure he is going about it the best way, but he thinks he can keep the costs down this way.


I've watched hours and hours of training videos, but being new, I couldn't have figured that out without your help!


Thank you so very very much!




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Larry, be sure to ask the brain trust you have there framing this truss house how they plan to insulate and drywall that vaulted ceiling area on that end truss. ;-)


Do I need to make a video on how to frame a gable wall in a vaulted ceiling area? j/k

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