How to show Map Image in plan view

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I have imported a satellite image of the the lot a house I am working on will be built. I have the house drawn and located on the map as requested by the client. I've also, imported the survey plan DWG and it is situated on the drawings as well.

Now I am trying to plot out the drawing and am having a problem. When in plan view the satellite map shows only as a rectangle depicting it's location. But if I try a 3D view then the lines of the survey map do not show up. Is there a way to see the map image in plan view or the lines of the survey map in the 3D views? For some reason I cannot get all three items in any view (Map, survey map (lines) and the floor plan).

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Regarding the survey map, CAD lines will not display in a 3D view. One technique is to select a line, convert it to a molding polyline, and assign a molding profile - this will allow them to display in a 3D view.

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