Radiant Lines on exterior millwork

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Hello, my name is Gene and I am a home designer with 20+ years experience, but only 2-1/2 years experience on CA with 9.5 and X8.  I am a long time reader of this forum, you have been a great wealth of knowledge as I have grown in working with CA.  This is my first foray out into the water in enlisting your expertise.  I have this project that is requiring a sunburst trim above the doors & windows.  I have opened the door and window specification boxes of the door and windows affected and selected the "Treatments" sub heading and the "Exterior Millwork above Casing" tab and selected the style "Fan Trim" from the library.  The 3D block shows the radiant lines, but in the elevation or any 3D view, it is smooth and no radiant lines show.  They must show as this home is in a subdivision with tight architectural control.  If you can please help me out and solving this I would greatly appreciate it.  I have attached several pictures to show what I am taking about.  Everyone have a great day!!


johnson - u club brick option 2.plan


exterior trim 1.png

exterior trim #1.jpg

exterior trim #2.jpg

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Gene,  I can't tell you WHY, but there's something wrong with the fan trim in your plan.  I simply clicked on the "Library" button and then clicked okay and all was fixed.  Not sure what to tell you.  I think you'll just have to select all those windows and do the same thing.  It looks like perhaps that library item just got corrupted in your plan somehow. 



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Thank you for your response.  I just tried that to no avail.  I even opened a different plan and have the same problem.   So frustrating, I can clearly see what you did, but it doesn't work for me.

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