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Basement Foundation Wall (Pony Wall) Alignment

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Maybe a CA guru who designs in an area of the country where basements are common can give me some insight on how to construct a foundation wall that is a pony wall...and get this wall to align properly with the wood framed wall above.  I can move the wall manually...and eventually get it to line up...but it's very time consuming.  Especially for a complex house where some of the walls are 2x4 with stone or brick veneer...and others are 2x6 with stone or brick veneer.  


There must be a simple method?  I've thought that I may not have the "main layer" defined correctly...but I've messed with that a bit and without success.  


I've attached a simple plan that shows where the foundation is placed automatically.   

Foundation Pony Wall.plan

Foundation Pony Wall Section.png

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Disregard...I figured out the problem myself.  I had the "platform" defined incorrectly.  "Garbage in...Garbage out".  



Build Platform.png

Foundation Pony Wall Section - corrected.png

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