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This is the list of my currently available macros at $10.00 each:

  •   Format_Number adds Ruby methods to automatically format numbers into the standard display for the type of plan (Imperial or Metric). 

    This allows a value in inches to be displayed in feet-inches-fractions:

       80.8725  -->  6'-8 7/8" (rounded to a specified fraction - in this case 1/8's)

    or a value in mm to be display in m

       7650  -->  7.650 m (automatically displayed to 3 significant places)

  •   Living Areas 
  •   Opening Labels w Header - sample output:

      X7:  W04 - 3040 SH - (3) 2x6 Hdr 

      X8:  W04 - 3040 SH

             (3) 2x6 Hdr

      X8:  W04 - 3040 SH



             (3) 2x6 Hdr

    Note:  In X8 if the opening is Tempered an/or Egress, those options will also be displayed in the Label

  •   Post Footing Labels - sample output: 

              24"x24"x12" FTG

              w/ (3) #4's e.w.


             16" Dia x 12" FTG


    Note:  This macro requires X8 to be used in a Label - but it can be used in a Text Box with Arrow in X7.  The reinforcing depends on the size of the footing.

      Wall Label- sample output:

                   Wall 1.01

                   Wall 1.02

                   Wall 1.03

                   Wall 1.04


                   Wall 2.08

                   Wall 2.09

                   Wall 2.10

                   Wall 2.11


             The whole number is the Floor and the decimal number is the Wall #.  The Project Browser Wall Details will have the same names as the Wall Labels.4


  •   BlockName used with Leader Line Text to annotate CAD Blocks.  This is very useful for annotation of CAD Details made up of Library Blocks.  To change the annotation, simply rename the Block.  This will change the annotation for all like Blocks in the Plan
  •   CounterTops - These are used to accumulate and display the Areas of Counter Tops

      %Counter Top Areas% is placed in the Label of Cabinets and Custom Countertops

      %Counter Top List% is placed in a Text Box

      %Counter Top Total Area% is placed in a Text Box

    Example output is:CT Text Box.JPG

    For Metric Plans the output is in mm rather than Imperial units.

  •   Chief Architect Version (Displays the Version of Chief Architect in use)
  •   Area_Perimeter_Volume (Displays those values for Polyline, PSolid & Solids)
  •   Vent Labels (Displays a 2 line Label for Vents) -provides a 2 line Label for Vents as follows:

      I.  Line 1
        a.  The first letter of the "Component Code" (upper case)
                Foundation ....F
            b.  Any preceeding characters specified in the Label Tab of the Schedule
              V- as an example
          c.  The Schedule Number
          AV-01, AV-02, AV-03
            FV-04, FV-05
            GV-06, GV-07, GV-08, GV-09

        II.  Line 2
          a.  The size (width x height)
            b.  @ <height above floor
              16x6 @12"
    Naturally, as with all my macros, if the plan is metric the appropriate units will be used.

In addition, the following "Macro Packages" are available at the indicated prices:

  •    Site Area Analysis Package ($75.00) - uses object type and line weights to provide Site Area Analysis
  •    Building Area Analysis Package ($75.00) - comprehensive area analysis based on room names/types
  •    Roof Area Analysis Package ($25.00) - calculates and displays the areas of roof planes
  •    Project and Consultants Package ($35.00)
  •    Wordwrap Package ($25.00)
  •    Framing Labels ($50.00) - labels all framing members on Framing Plans and Wall Details - updated to use the current layer set for Cross Sections.
  •    Openings ($35.00)
  •    Vents ($25.00) - includes labeling & area calculations for required vent areas
  •    Wall Labels ($35.00) - includes the above Wall Label for Plan View display and additional macros for Elevation/Section display and for a Wall Legend display.

    The following require Chief Version X8 because of reliance on the layer attribute:

    The following require Chief Version X9 because of reliance on the floor & layer_set attributes:

  •    Stair Labels - Section & Stair Label - Total (25.00) - provides comprehensive labeling of Stairs and Landings

             example:  Stair Macro Results FT-IN.JPG

  •    Plan Name ($15.00) - Displays the Plan Name in a Text Box based on the Floor and the Layer Set in use.
  •    Layer Set Scale ($10.00) - Displays the Scale  in a Text Box based on the Layer Set in use.
  •    Rooms ($35.00) - Extends the Areas - Polyline Area Analysis  to include the use of Rooms - available March 1, 2017
  •    LayerSet Opening Labels ($25.00) - Displays different Labels for Doors, Windows and Wall Niches depending on the Layer Set in use.  Basically this provides for the Header Label to be displayed on Framing Plans while the regular Door or Window Label is displayed on other Plan Views.


I will be adding videos to the above "Macro Packages" list during the coming weeks and months as time permits.  Some of the packages will be updated to take advantage of new X9 features.  Special customization of any of the above is charged at $25 per hour.


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One of the users reported a problem with the Counter Tops Package.

Basically for a Custom Counter Top with a Sink or other hole, the net area was being reported rather than the gross area.  I have fixed that and anyone who has this package can PM me with their email address and I will email the replacement.



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