Product Photos in Schedules??

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If you open your schedule dbx, in general, you will see where you can add 2D symbol, 3D elevation or 3D perspective.

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    • By Elvis1111
      I am trying to figure out if there is a way to make a framing schedule for the entire project, and not just wall by wall. 
      We are finding that framing schedules do a better job listing out the members and sizes then the material lists. 
    • By hhdesigner
      I'm having trouble with the column width on schedules. I added and deleted some columns, set to auto height and width and all except the comments column size properly.  I have tried searching help etc., and haven't found any information on this problem.  I believe my computer recently updated windows 10, could this be a factor? Have tried restarting as well

    • By SNestor
      Can someone either point me to the answer in the manual...or tell me why my NOTES callout has two numbers.  See attached picture.  I'm sure it's something simple...but, I give up.

    • By Doug_N
      Is there a way to add comments to a room schedule.  I would like to include "existing" or "proposed" to any given room.
    • By robdyck
      There must be a way to alter or control the vertical spacing of schedules. I've included the exterior elevation view of windows in my schedule, and there's a lot of wasted space between each row.
      Does anyone know if that can be adjusted?