How would I render camera view of sun from under a patio cover

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Does the sun tool allow you to see its position in the sky through the camera view like regular lights do?

I have a client that has ask me to design a patio cover and fire pit. He is wanting to know if I can create a rendering from a seated position under the patio cover that would show the sun in the sky. The idea is that he wants to raise the ceiling and header beam as high as possible without the sun blinding him. I understand the sun changes throughout the day. I just want to know how I can show the accurate position of the sun at different times of day through the camera looking at the sun. Even if I used a light to represent the sun I still don't know how to get the angle and altitude correct. 

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I don't think you will have muck luck displaying the sun in a camera view or showing what you want from the owners position.

I would forget about seeing it from the owners seated viewpoint.


I would place an object, or 3D person at the correct location.

You can then take a camera view from outside looking into the patio.

Through the Adjust Sunlight dbx, you can dynamically adjust the sun for date and time to see the shadow movements .

You can also adjust the height of the beams/roof and see the effect on the 3D person.



I will see if I can do a vid.

I forgot to do the adjustments to the roof/beam, but you can change them and see the same effect.



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