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Roof Trusses - Attic Walls

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I have a general question regarding roof trusses and attic walls.  


If I choose to raise the roof plane then an attic wall is created.  Automatically this wall is a copy of the wall below, typically it will have drywall on it...which is not needed in the attic.  So...I create a new "attic wall" type...without the drywall.  However, if I will be using roof trusses with an "energy heel"...what happens to this "attic wall"?  


As you can see from the framing perspective view...the attic wall does not show....except at the gable ends.  (I have attic walls turned on).  Does the use of "roof trusses" override the attic wall?  I'm wondering if the materials for the attic wall are still being calculated.  Also...the attic wall does appear in the cross section view.  


Needless to's a bit confusing.

Roof Section - Attic Trusses 1.png

Roof Section - Attic Walls 1.png

Roof Section - Attic Walls 2 Framing.png

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