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Hey guys how do I make the background or sky where the house and terrian is not floating in the middle of it.


Doing a quick rendering to put on website.


Thanks for any help


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Hi Newell,


If I understand correctly, when you apply the sky or background, it is not always lined up with your terrain the way you would like. I think one solution would be to move your perspective closer to the house, and use the 3d mouse orbit camera (default hotkey Shift+A) to get it just how you want. 


You can see that in the first examble the terrain is not oriented to the backdrop at all. In the second one the perspective is closer, but the terrain does not line up properly with the model. In the last example the perspective is tilted to look down on the building and the backdrop as well. It might pass if it had a different terrain color. 


Hope this helps, good luck!







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Use lots of trees and hedges/bushes to cover up and blur the transition from your terrain and the background. 

...It's all an illusion

Chosing a grass that matches the grass color of the background can also be achieved by using the "adjust material" tool to blend the color or your grass better. 

(I'm no expert, just what I've noticed the pros do)

Facade Nov 16.jpg

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I use billboards, in conjunction with vegetation and background, which can be dragged around to give a more realistic appearance.  The attached image uses a curved billboard to give the effect of something beyond the terrain lot.


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