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Exporting & Importing Autocad Files and Drawing Templates in Acad into Chief Layout Sheets

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Users of Chief;


I am trying to figure out a way to import my AutoCAD files into Chief importing only the Title Block information

so that I can export it into the layout sheets and set this up for the standard layouts that I will be using for this job from the architect

primarily? I need a step by step procedure here please; you can email me or call me, or text me with your replies.

I will eagerly await your replies.





Accurate Asbuilts & Designs


(970)987-4476 cell



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1. Start a new Plan and save it somewhere.

2. File>Import>Import Drawing (DWG, DXF...)

3. Step through the Import Drawing Assistant; when you get to the Select Layers tab uncheck everything except the title block layer.

4. Once the data is imported,  Copy it to your clipboard.

5. Open a new Layout and save it in the same directory as the Plan file.

6. Paste the contents of the clipboard into Page 0 of the Layout.

7. Move/scale/tweak the data to finish setting up the title block on Page 0.

8. Save your work.

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