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Porch with Curved Roof - Soffit missing

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Wondering why I don't have a soffit in the gable end of this porch curved roof?  See the section...



- I wanted the porch concrete to extend beyond the edge of columns so I have used two walls to create the space.  


- Wall #1:  1-1/2" wide wall called Porch Definition Wall-2.  There is "no line" to define the edges of this wall in the wall definition...but, the wall appears anyway because the layer has a line definition.  This is confusing to me.  What does the line definition in the wall DBX actually seems to me the over riding control is the layer?


- Wall #2:  This is the railing wall.  Why does the line of the "beam" not appear?  Is there a way to control this?


Is this the most efficient way to create a porch room? I working to hard?  The appearance turned out I am happy about that...just wondering if there is a better way?


Plan attached 

Front Porch Design - Curved Roof.plan



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