Snags with Landings and Rooflines

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I am using Home Designer Suite and have a couple questions/ problems and have attached a sample plan to illustrate.


1. Can you place furniture on a stair landing without adjusting the Floor to Bottom value? In the sample image, item 1 shows two chairs placed "on" a landing. However, chair "a" was raised using the Floor to Bottom value and "b" was not. Another problem is as soon as I place the chairs they "disappear" beneath the landing! Even when I raised chair "a" to be above the landing, in the plan view it is still hidden! The only way I can see it was to make the Landing fill semi-transparent. It is like there is no way to "bring the chair to the front" so it is first selected (unless I haven't found this feature yet)?


2. This stair goes to the second level and although I have no ceiling above the landing, there is a solid wall (item "c") that I don't want there (the "x" area should be gone so you can see down to the landing below). If I make the wall invisible, then the exterior wall to the roof line above disappears (since it is the same wall... this is understandable). But how can I get rid of area "c" so I can view the landing from the second floor?


If anyone can help, I would really appreciate it! Thanks.



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Question #1  Make your landing the Back Group.  And yes I believe that any item placed on stairs or landings will need a manually entered elevation.


Question #2 Not sure I understand exactly which wall you mean as your description does not seem to be the same as picture.

C is an exterior wall in your sample plan and does not appear to block the view of the landing from above? You can alter a wall from it's default height by shortening it in a 3D view or the stair landing will terminate an interior wall that is under it.  Other than that I am not sure what you are after exactly.


Also Home Designer Questions are normally posted in the Home Talk Forum.

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Thanks for the reply. I tried moving the chairs to the front of the group but they are still hidden behind the landing. I am disappointed that objects placed on a landing are by default instead placed on the floor underneath the landing. This makes no sense and should be reversed in my opinion.


As for the second item. Sorry if I didn't make it clear, but the area "c" with the X on it shouldn't be there. I've attached another screen shot showing how the area with the X i want cut away (by making that wall invisible), but as you can see it also makes the exterior part invisible and messes up the area along the roof line outside. Does that make more sense?


Also, I'll post in the other section when I have future questions. Thanks for the heads up.

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Also, I'll post in the other section when I have future questions. Thanks for the heads up.


You should post your question on HomeTalk. The people here are not familiar with Suite.

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