4x8 panel siding

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Hello again awesome community of chiefers

How do I make flat panel siding on a rain screen? not the section details, but I have seen some models here and there which look similar to eg hardie panel 4x8 sheets. how do i make the joints? lol 


I'm not sure if I'm being clear with my question


Did a quick search for an image, so not like this house but like the siding:


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Take a look at this thread...




I personally would usually use p-solids for this type of thing, but a material region set to cut layer of parent object works as well.  It just requires you take some time to set up the proper wall definition (possibly using 2 walls sandwiched together) and the material region's layer simply gets turned off (it becomes the joints).  Take a look at that thread though for some more detailed answers.  

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