Texture Creation using 3D Solids - How do I rotate in 3D

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I am trying to create a 3D tile texture similar to these lava tiles:


I have created 4 identical wedges as 3D solids by drawing the profile of the wedges and converting them to a polyline solid and giving them a height of 4".  I now want to rotate them to orient as they are in the link photo.  But it seams i can only rotate in the X-Y plane.  I need to spin them in the vertical Z plane.  How do i do this?


I have attached the plan view of the solids.





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Set up 4 elevation cameras and draw them in the elevation views and orient them in relation to each other in plan view.


Or draw one and convert to symbol then it can be rotated as a symbol and copied as many times as required with transform and replicate.


You can also put together a bunch of them and create an image and turn that into a material that could applied to almost anything in Chief.


Have Fun, Looks like an interesting Product :)

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