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two floors out of alignment

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I have two floors, lots of stuff on each one, and I want to line them up, being careful to move all objects on a given floor strictly as a group


the two floors were created by importing two DWG files (one for each floor) to their respective floors, and even if I reset to origin on import, they don't line up


I set up the chief walls etc *before I realized the two floors were out of alignment


so the first thing I would expect to do is group everything on a given floor together, so I don't have to worry about scrambling up the relationships


but grouping, as I understand it, isn't a chief architect feature


would I use blocks? is there a way to just tweak the entire floor?


I did learn how to allow one floor show through (reference/current/etc)


but is there a way I can hide some layers, but still have the content on the hidden layers move with the group, because with everything visible, it's hard to find a clean couple of lines to use for visual alignment


I explored the align wall to wall below feature, which seems to work well, but how do I have everything on one floor move together, while using that feature?



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You may want to read up on the Edit area Tools. They are near the bottom of the Edit drop down menue.  But be careful and maybe make a duplicate plan copy just in case. I don't have much experience with these but this may be a solution.



"The Edit Area tools can cause wide-spread changes across an entire plan and should always be used with caution." 

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