Half Truss Half Rafters

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Hey All, 


Designing a cape style home with two shed dormers on either side of the roof.  I would like to truss over the shed dormers, garage and mudroom/bath connection. Stick frame the rest (gable ends of main roof). I CANT figure out the truss and rafter combination on the main roof.  I haven't used trusses much in construction, therefore, I haven't in chief either.


Thanks and if you have some time take a stab at it.



Percy Plan - September 6, 2016.plan

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If you have trusses and want stick framing, just install your trusses and frame it, the places you don't have trusses will fill in with stick framing automatically but beware if you have any tie-ins over trusses, you will not get any framing for the tie-in so you have to do that manually. been trying to get Chief to fix that forever. do it last thing when you don't need to auto frame anymore or you will lose your hard work

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