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I'm relatively new to chief. I'm a licensed builder who spends more time with a hammer than CAD, but my husband has been obsessed with building things for the Virtual Reality system (he is a computer scientists). He has been working to get the Chief .plan file into Sketchfab and Unity (mostly so he can make zombies run around our clients houses in VR).  He told me that he would like to get some other real .plan files to test out. He has played with the demo ones from Chief but he wanted to use some real-world ones (the demo ones are super clean wrt textures, materials, and walls).


So if you have a .plan and want him to convert it into VR just reply to this and he will reply with a link to sketchfab and a .Zip file for you to play a higher resolution on a windows or mac (let him know what you have).  


Please note - this is not a service offering.  We do not do VR as a business. This is simply messing around and having fun. I'm sure their are people out there who will do this for a living that have much better equipment and experience... If you view this as a professional offering and not just having fun, I suggest you look elsewhere.


He said he would like to do 2-3... so the first 2 or 3 .plan files (URL to dropbox, etc) will be worked on. 

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Yes he has used the app. I use that with clients. Great job on that app. You all do great work. My favorite thing is the Bluetooth measurements w/ room designer on my iPad.. The 3D app is different than what he is looking to play with.


1) He is looking to put things on sketchfab so people can use them with Google Cardboard.   For example here is a version of the center thumbnail you postedl.


2)  He is also building the models so they can take advantage of the graphics cards available in most computers. For example the center thumbnail you posted, but at sunset. 6RGrMmL.gif

If you have a PC you can download a walk around version at sunset (no zombies) is here:

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I am very interested in dropping Zombies into clients homes.

Did your husband have much luck with this process?


I would love to talk with him about it.

Did he create any posts?

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Yes, he has got the zombies in the VR system in some of my chief files. He puts my models in VR for me all the time (but I don't like the zombies). Lately, we have just been using Vive with X10, but for some things, it still works best to export the Chief model to Unity and then the Vive.

Feel free to email him (studham @  I'm sure he would be happy to talk with you.  He is a computer guy. 

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