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In X8 (and happened in others before) if I move a Chief file from one computer to the next sometimes some of my general plan notes, labels, etc wont all be visible. Meaning if I have the word 'Living Room' I may only be able to see the partial word 'Living Ro'...etc. until I manually drag the box wider to expose the rest of the label. Is there a default or something that is changing the text box size? Same text is being used on both computers and it doesnt change the size or type of font that Im aware of. It just changes the box so that the entire words arent being exposed. Is there a way to get them back to normal besides going through each label and expanding? Thanks!!!

Well after posting the question I did find another thread that discussed the same issue and seems to be the consensus that people see it happen and no one knows how to fix it besides just resizing every time?...Thanks....

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Yes, open each text box ,that has a problem, and re-check auto height and width. You may have changed text type.

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