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  1. does anyone know what the portion under the door is and how to get rid of it or fix it. As highlighted in the attached image. I have extended the wall below floor but the portion below the door shows up like that. how do I ensure the door is not affected by this. thanks in advance
  2. Hi All I took to opportunity to model this latch. The material can be adjusted to suit your needs. The chief file attached has three files in it one with the complete latch and the other two are the male part and the female part. Large Oval Cabinet Latch - Rejuvenation.calibz
  3. @DeLayDesign nice model. could you share the skp file so I can do some cleanup they are some holes in the model. Thanks
  4. HI ALL After reading this thread I went ahead and got the tub RobUSMC was asking for and cleaned it and created a chief symbol from it. Trust U like it and it meet ur needs. Bathtub-BainUltra-Esthesia-6436.calibz