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  1. Many of the recent CA training videos say that a plan file will be placed on Chief Talk after the video. However, I have not been able to locate where I can find those plan files. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, --John Cunningham Quincy, CA Using CA Premier X12
  2. When I place trapezoid windows in the upper portion of a balloon framed gable wall which has windows and doors in the lower portion of the wall, they show on the wall floor plan and block out portions of the wall. I have tried placing the windows on a separate layer and not displaying that level on the floor plan, but that does not solve the problem. I have tried using the window vertical stacking option, but again no help. I tried to attach the plan file, but get a note telling me the file is too big, even after zipping it. Any help you all could provide would be much appreciated.
  3. I do not know of any Code section in either the International Residential Code or the International Plumbing Code that would prohibit placing a toilet and/ or sink in the bedroom. FYI: I am a retired California county Building Official. — John Cunningham
  4. Gene, I use Zoom Video Conferencing. Works great, is free and allows me to share my screen with my clients. We review the drawings and make changes "on-the-fly". So much easier and productive than trying to coordinate face to face meetings. --John Cunningham
  5. Had this same problem when first upgrading to X11. Updated video card driver and solved problem.
  6. I know this questions has been asked and answered previously on this site, but I have searched this site, the user manual, and CA videos to no avail. So I apologize for having to ask again. I need to change the ceiling heights of all the room on a floor level. I have gone to the Floor Defaults tool and resent that, but it does not change anything. So, is there a way to change all ceiling heights on a specific floor? Thank you, --John Cunningham X10 Alienware 15 R2
  7. Alan, Thank you for your advice, much appreciated. I have not been making use of annotation sets, but will now. Thank You
  8. Yes, I was not using Plan Views properly. Thank you for all your help, much appreciated.
  9. Chop & justmejerry, Greatly appreciate your taking the time to reply. I think my problem is with Plan Views, will check it out and see. Thank you!
  10. Thanks Chopsaw - "Make Copy of Active Layer Set" is not checked in the Send to Layout DBX. I don't understand how, and if I need to, give an independent name. I just change layer sets to the view I want and Send to Layout with Make Copy of Active Layer Set not checked. If I understand your response correctly, that should work. Yes?
  11. Greetings, I am a fairly new user and have run into a problem creating my layout file, would greatly appreciate any help you can offer. I have watched the videos and read through the Reference Manual, but still cannot figure it out. From the plan file with the floor plan layer set displayed, I send it to page 1 of layout, all good. Next, with the framing roof layer set displayed I send it to page 2 of the layout. The roof layer set is now displayed on page 2, but page 1 of the layout has now replaced the floor plan layer set with the roof layer set. Every time I send another plan layer set to layout, all layout pages change to display only the most recently sent plan layer set. I am at my wit's end, any help would be so appreciated. Thank you, John Cunningham X10 McKeown, Colleen & Joe - McKoewn, Colleen & Joe - Prelim V2- HELP.layout
  12. Sal, That did it. Thank you so much! I would have never found that one. Curious to know how you figured that out. Thanks again, --John Cunningham
  13. I sure there is a simple answer, but after consulting the Reference Manual, CA knowledge base, and training videos, I cannot get the Project Browser to display. I am guessing there must be a setting somewhere that I inadvertently turned off. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, --John Cunningham, X8
  14. I am new to Chief Architect, and so far love it. I used AutoCad LT for years, and find Chief to be light-years ahead. I am returning to designing and preparing primarily residential plans/construction drawings after a 10-year hiatus. I am therefore out of touch with the current market pricing. I would greatly appreciate any pricing information anyone might be willing to share, as I don't want to be way low or way high in my pricing. Almost all my work will be done in Plumas County, a small mountain area in the northern Sierra mountains of California. Thanks for any information you can share, --John Cunningham
  15. I am a new user switching from AutoCad to CA who would like to get up to speed quickly. Would appreciate comments and information regarding what experienced users have found as the best and quickest ways to learn CA. I have seen ChiefExperts online, any reviews of what they offer would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, --John