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  1. andymcg

    Need roof help

    Hoping someone could please direct me on how to create a roof like this in chief? Thanks!
  2. andymcg

    Cabinetry Toe kick question

    That worked. Thanks so much!
  3. andymcg

    Cabinetry Toe kick question

    Good afternoon. Does anyone know how to get rid of the sides of the cabinet showing up on the toe kicks? I'm sure there's a setting somewhere that I can't find. It's a constant annoyance and makes our drawings look messy. Thanks!
  4. Good morning! For some reason, my full camera is now defaulting to the Electrical Set which means my floors and ceilings are missing. Does anyone know where the setting for this is? I've looked all through the annotation defaults and camera view defaults and can't figure it out. Thanks!
  5. andymcg

    Placing Sconce on cabinetry

    Thanks so much for the response; that worked!
  6. andymcg

    Placing Sconce on cabinetry

    Good morning, I was hoping someone could help me with some tips on how to place a sconce on cabinetry? I've tried creating a thin wall, but it's screwing up the cabinetry to either side of the unit.
  7. andymcg

    Floor disappearing in Camera View only

    I figured it out! My FULL camera was defaulting to an electrical set. Thank you though!
  8. Hi all. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong, but in the last 2 weeks, the floor has begun disappearing from my rooms. It's there in an overview, but not in the camera view? Help!
  9. andymcg

    Trimming hatch/fill around objects

    Thanks for the responses. I originally had it as a siding wall when I sent it to the Cad Detail, but then decided to change it to shingles. I didn't want to have to re-send it and lose the CAD work I had already done. I guess the hole in the poly-line is the best way to go from here? I should add: I don't know how to create a hole in the polyline? I rarely use CAD on Chief because I find it to be awful.
  10. Good morning, I was hoping someone could help me figure out how to trim a fill style around an object? I created a polyline and filled with shingles for the exterior wall, but it's covering up the windows and I can't seem to figure out how to remove it. Pic attached. Thanks in advance!
  11. andymcg

    Wainscot issue

    That's exactly what I needed. Thanks again; that was a constant pain point for me!
  12. andymcg

    Wainscot issue

    Thank you so much! I also have another dumb question that I'm sure has a simple fix: How do I set a layer to be the current default? For instance, when I'm doing an Electrical plan, I want the dimensions or any text to automatically come out on my Electrical layer, rather than having them come in on the default and me having to remember to go around and change each one. I'm sure this is super basic, but I've never seen it covered in any of the tutorials and it's a CONSTANT pain to me.
  13. andymcg

    Wainscot issue

    Good morning, I was hoping someone had a solution on how to remove a wainscot from just one wall? Right now, I have the wainscot in as a Wallcovering so it's wrapping around the face of the shower. If there's a better way to do this I'm open to suggestions. Image attached. Thanks!