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  1. my 2 cents, you took his PDF file and took your own path to model the house, saying Revit was wrong might not be your best option to state, maybe Revit did see the detection and he just overlooked it. If it effected your pricing or scope its your jib to inform the GC of a change order, otherwise I wouldn't say anything.
  2. I am getting the same error also.I don't even have that directory on my PCU I am getting it when exporting a model to several different options, dwg, dae, 3ds, stl, ect. Windows 7 professional 16 gigs mem
  3. I have imported skip and dae files from Sketchup. I have also exported dae files back into sketchup to export them again to dae files to import into my animation software. The collida exporting directly from chief does not export correctly??? I have posted in the support section.
  4. I have an EVGA Titan 6Gig card and it works great!