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  1. RussellHouse


    many Thanks, Eric You solved the problem for me
  2. RussellHouse

  3. RussellHouse


    How do I up load the file if it is bigger than 25mb
  4. RussellHouse


  5. RussellHouse


    Sorry I have tried making a new wall type but it will not show it in 3d
  6. RussellHouse


    I am still having showing the correct material on a specific wall. The great room wall is T&G Pine. I need to change the wall to Brick. How do I do this without changing the whole room
  7. RussellHouse


    I am using Windows 10 and Version X11. I am trying to use an interior wall with brick on both sides. When I go to 3D the interior brick changes the interior part of the exterior wall from white pine to brick. how can I keep the interior separate from the exterior
  8. RussellHouse

    Trey Ceiling

    Trey- stepped. For some reason the standard ceiling still appears in 3d and noy showing the Trey
  9. RussellHouse

    Trey Ceiling

    I forgot to say that I need the trey ceiling in the master bedroom. the ceiling height is 9'.
  10. RussellHouse

    Trey Ceiling

    Iam using windows 10 with x11. I have tried to use the support resource for the trey ceiling using polygon. I haven't been able to get it to work. I am sending the plan. Hope you can tell me what I am doing wrong Farmhouse_5.plan
  11. RussellHouse

    Whole House lighting control

    I need a symbol for a whole house lighting control. I use version X11. Can someone tell me what to use
  12. RussellHouse

    brick accent Wall

    the last thing I tried was to make a new wall type. that didn't work. I tried making a new exterior wall type, but that didn't work. I am using X10 Preimer. I maintain a yearly subscription.
  13. RussellHouse

    brick accent Wall

    Iam using X10 Premier. I also tried breaking the wall to separate it from the rest
  14. RussellHouse

    brick accent Wall

    I am having trouble with a brick accent. Every time I try to make it, the whole room changes. I have tried the knowledge base, but that didn't work for me either. What I am I doing wrong