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  1. Thank you to both of you. That fixed it. I truly appreciate the help.
  2. Thank you for your help. I tried it and I got the following message: Exporter3DS.cpp(344): Warning #272032213 "3DS Export Error: BLUEFOOT M exceeds vertex limit of: 65535" 09/07/2023 12:16:44 PM Build: Windows 64-bit I don't know what this means and how I reduce the "vertex limit". Any ideas?
  3. Does anyone have a workaround for using a symbol that was created in X15 with a client who uses X14? I am doing some modeling for an architect. Their firm currently is using X14. I drew the house and did all of the landscaping etc in X15 and then realized they have not upgraded. I created a symbol in the event that I could import it into X14 but it does not seem to work. I am less than thrilled about recreating the house in X14. I have a lot of hours into this. I was going to attach the symbol in the event that is useful to anyone answering my question but the file size is too large. Thank you to anyone who can help me.
  4. I have a confession. I just took a closer look and the elevation was on the first floor when I drew the batts. While they showed in the correct position they didn't function correctly. When I removed them and went up to the 2nd floor and redrew them they both looked and functioned correctly. Thank you so much for your help. I wouldn't have figured it out unless I knew it should be working correctly.
  5. Thank you for looking at this. Could I ask what rendering technique you used. Mine works in Vector View but the batts disappear in Standard View and PBR. I am doing the elevations and renderings from another user's CA files so I don't know if something else is contributing to my problem.
  6. I use material regions for board and batten on my siding. I am not a fan of the CA board and batten. I usually get good results. However, I just installed the X15 Beta and the material region is not working as usual at the windows (cutting itself at the windows and doors). In addition it seems to be disappearing into the siding despite unchecking "cut finish layers of parent object". I have even tried increasing the depth of the bat to 2" and it is still sinking into the parent object. Has something changed? Is anyone else having issues with this?
  7. My employer is purchasing a new computer for me. At home my personal computer is an Asus ROG 702VM with 12 GB ram. I have been reasonably happy with this. However, I now work full-time for a developer who has me working on large site plans. Most of the work that I do for this company is conceptual site plans, conceptual apartment and house plans and marketing for these. For the marketing I do a lot of PBR as well as watercolor with line drawing overlaid. I use a Dell G7 at their office with a NVidia 1060 and 8 GB Ram. I get slowed down a lot as I wait for the program to process. I am looking for the best performance I can get in the $1800 to $2500 range. I am not savvy about hardware. Their computer consultant made the following recommendations. I have been reading through previous threads to determine what I need. I used some of the comments to guide the computer consultant in choosing a computer for me. However, frankly most of it goes right over my head. Could I get an opinion from some of you about which you would choose. My employer thought a desktop might perform better. I am open to whatever gives me the best performance. I would appreciate any opinions and feedback. Thank you!
  8. I did as you suggested and it changed the file size from 16,333 kb to 3600 kb. I think you fixed it. When they asked that the layers be turned off and the pdf flattened is this because the file is too large or are there additional issues as well? I have attached the new smaller version of the document. Thank you for helping me. I find this forum to be a very valuable learning tool and resource. a PERMIT SET OLD MILITARY RD BERGSTROM.pdf
  9. I am using X10 and I am printing the layout with "Chief Architect Print as PDF". Does that mean it is using one of the pdf print drivers from my laptop? I have attached a pdf that is a screen shot of the print dialogue box from CA and I have over layed the Devices and Printers screen from my laptop. I appreciate your help. print dialogue boxes.pdf
  10. Could someone help me with this? Beginning this month our planning department is requiring all plans to be submitted online. I gave a builder the layout as a pdf printed in CA. The customer got a call from the building department saying that the designer (me) needs to turn off the layers and flatten the pdf (referring to pdf layers not plan layers). I have googled it but have not figured out how to do this. It is probably simple but apparently not for me. Could anyone help me with this?
  11. I live in Kitsap County and would be interested in getting together with other CA users if you meet. Some of the most valuable things that I have learned have come from talking with others who use the software. Let me know if you get together.