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  1. Thanks for the suggestions. I had originally wanted to break the wall like Glenn and Bill suggested, but couldn't get the corner points to show and thought maybe that was something I was remembering from an older version. But after you mentioned it, I looked into it some more and finally figured out I wasn't clicking close enough to the edge of the wall. I obviously haven't used that feature in a while! So that works great.
  2. I have a wall with an opening in the middle with half-walls on either side of the opening. When I do an elevation view on one side, the lines between the wall and half-wall show, but when I do an elevation view on the other side, they don't - usually. In plan view, the walls are the same width. I tried this configuration in a new plan, and had similar inconsistencies. See the attached pics. I don't want the line between to show as the wall surface should be continuous. Any suggestions? I know I can do photoshop if needed, but wondered if I'm missing a setting or something. I assume the wall construction should be the same for each, as I don't believe I have changed the default.
  3. I always get it stuck in that top left corner also. I also use dual monitors and have drag it over to my second monitor each time.
  4. I thought I was in the 3D view when I checked last night, which was why I reopened X5 to see how it worked, but this morning after restarting the program, the Default Sun is back as expected. Maybe I was more tired than I thought last night and only checked plan... anyway, got it now. Thanks Glen.
  5. I opened an existing multi-building plan in X6, and deleted the sun angle. In X5, if I deleted the sun angle in plan, then a Default Sun appeared in the Adjust Lights dbx that I could work with. However, after I deleted the sun angle in this plan, no Default Sun appeared in the Adjust Lights dbx. How can I get it back? I use Default Sun a lot so I can use Tilt and Angle to get exactly the shadows I need.
  6. Those will work fine. I just wanted something generic as this is a quick project. Thank you!
  7. I'm doing a bathroom remodel for a preschool and am looking for some wall mounted paper towel and soap dispenser symbols. I browsed through Chief's existing symbols and bonus libraries and don't think they have any, but I might have missed something. Any suggestions? Thanks.